Details of Various Programs Conducted

Support a grand Parent

Thousands of elderly, living in both urban and rural areas live alone. They are one of the most disadvantaged sections in the Indian society. The situation is grim for old people in our society. If there is no intervention now, the situation will only get worse.

Interactive seminar on “Children”

The programme aims to assist decision-makers and other stakeholders in the governmental and non-governmental sectors to develop and implement policies with concrete measures in favour of the promotion of children's rights and in particular their right to be protected from all forms of violence.


Training Workshops on Disaster Management

A three-day workshop on disaster management from August 19 to 20 had been organized for 45 police officials including police inspectors, sub inspectors and assistant police inspectors of the city police commissionerate. Participants were acquainted with crowd management techniques and their role as per the police disaster management plan.


a. Road show: Road shows have been organized to create awareness towards senior citizens and children rights.
b. Lecture on children and environment.
c. Lecture on handling of senior citizen.

Greeting Card Campaign and sale

Print media plays a vital role in spreading awareness and education. AAP International has been giving much emphasis on education through printed words and letters, we have printed 500 nos. of eco friendly "greet for life" greetings cards and distributed them a wide-publicized sales campaign.


Organizing learning camps

Small yet creative camps play important role in providing an interesting and simulative atmosphere for learning. The motto here is to buildup an atmosphere for play and fun through which training/awareness is imparted. Five of such camps were organized by AAP International at different centers in Delhi/New Delhi areas. There were 72 students between the age of 15 to 17 years participated in the programme. There were completely involved in the 'Learn while you Play'.

Seminar for women’s Rights, employment and Gender issue

Through Art. 15 of the constitution prohibits discrimination against any citizen on the ground of religion, race, caste, or sex in reality the women in India are still considered to be inferior to men and their status is not equal to that of men. If the present social thinking and cultural ethos persist for some times, it may again take another century for women in India to get equal status as that of men.

To prepare women activists, social workers and women facilitators to take up advocacy work on a wider scale, a seminar was organized by AAP International in New Delhi in February 2001 where 35 women participants from various NGOs, Social Action Groups and Voluntary bodies attended.

Some of the points discussed during seminar were:

a. Women and minimum Wages Act.
b. Equal pay for equal work.
c. Rural employment opportunities for women.
d. Women's skill development.
e. Increased participation of women in rural cooperatives, and rural.
f. Vocational training and income-generating activities for women.

Participation by and development of AAP Staff:

With a view to developing some of the staff of AAP International, they were sent to participate in various seminars and workshops organized by other NGOs and UN bodies from time to time.

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